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Varsity Volleyball Head Coach: Lupe Cardona

Junior Varsity Head Coach: Sherry Holladay.
Freshman Head Coach: Beverly Barker

The Twin: Keith and Jacey Miersma: Smiles of the Month.

Brittany Gonzales1Junior
Courtney Rountree2Junior
Lauren Ellison3Sophomore
Heather Lemley5Senior
Cristelle Ford6Sophomore
Ashley Stark7Sophomore
Melissa Angerstein8Junior
Jacey Miersma9Senior
Susanna Paul10Sophomore
Kendra Felder12Senior
Jessica Schwirtlich13Junior
Monica Pena15Junior

JV #5 waits for the ball.
King JVs won 1st Game, but JVs came back and won the next two Games.
JV Lady Wildcat, nice touch on serving.
Here, she is again.
JVs" Lady Cats on the attack, down one game to zero, they would win this one.
JV:Amanda slams it back to the other side of the net.
The JVs coming back! Coach Barker in Black, Coach Cardona in blue, Coach Trant in red.
JVs come back to capture 3rd game and win 2-1 games. Congratulation Fighting Lady Wildcats!
Amanda and her parents.
The Lady in Red: Coach Trant, The 3 Coaches swept the Fr, JV and Varsity Games.
And now Varsity Warms up: Great to See Jacey back and playing. They won the Game in 2 Sets. Latter being 15-1.
Winners! L-R: Amanda. Beth, and Denise. Great Come-back Wildcats!
Wildcats ready to play: Monica, Heather, Jacey, Susanna, and Ashley.
Jessica twirls the Volleyball as she waits for the ref's whistle.
The next server #7 Ashley Stark!
Nice hairdo, Lauren, one in each corner: Good Serve!
Jessica saves the serve, Kendra runs for the net, Monica, Ashley and Lauren cover the action.
Lady Wildcats and Lady Mustangs will be on the Channel 3 News tonight at 10:00 p.m.
Jacey is serving. Jacey back on the team and the team played as a team; MVP: The Team.
#12 Kendra slaps one over the net.
Kendra serves again, hmmm, looks like she is practicing her basketball free-throws!
United we stand as a team, divided we fall!
Bad Picture: But it shows the power and slam of # 7 Ashley Stark.
as Jacey serves, #3 Lauren keeps her eyes on the ball.
"The Kill" by Kendra from 6-7 yds from the net.
#7 Ashley Stark, #12 Kendra Felder, Rice Owl Student, Friend.
I want to say hello to my brother in Lubbock, Texas. Keith, I want to say hello to by Scholarly brother, Mr. Nickolas Miersma.
539 is a good number; Heather, Lauren, and Jacey, Terrific Game, Girls!
#13 Jessica Schwirtlich Good game, you are a winner. Is that your Mom?



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