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CALALLEN:19 SKIDMORE-TYNAN 9: The Championship Game.

The Skidmore-Tynan Pitcher warm-ups.
The Calallen Teens are here to cheer the Lady Wildcats to Victory, Some of these Teens are members of the Class 4A Area Champions - Girls Basketball Team!
#5 Rachel Garcia, base hit, rounds first, checks and holds on First Base.
The Lady Bobcat waits for the pitched ball by Mary Pat Moyer.
Swing and a missed.
#3 Melissa bangs out a Single.
The perfect bunt by #4 Allison LaRocca.
#13 Kayla Farahmand drives in two runs, and the Wildcats take an early lead. 2-0
#2 Jenna Koenig triples, and clear the bases loaded. Calallen 5-0.!
#8 That would be that Freshman Pitcher, Ms. Mary Kay Moyer. Base Hit.
Wham! #3 Melissa belts a 3-bagger, and the score goes to 8-0! Wow!
Veteran Melissa Angerstein, Catcher, an important position, calls the plays, keeps an eye on runners on bases, help the young pitcher stay on top of the batters. She is a Candidate for all Tournament Player.
When Melissa call the right pitch, Mary Pat delievers, and the Bobcat Strikes out, and return to her Den.
RaeAnn receives the throw, and The Bobcat is out.
The young Freshman, another candidate for All Tournament, She pitches, she drives in runs, especially after this Single!
Will it be a Foul Ball? It was.
#8 Ms. Moyer does a perfect slide, and she scores.
#11 Lizze has a mean powerful swing, this foul ball knock Coach Omar Silva to his knees.
After the Lady Wildcats were out of the inning, Mary Pat struck out #10 Lady Bobcat.
#9 RaeAnn belts the Ball to Right Field.
#4 Allison hits the ball to center field, and another Wildcat run comes in!
And the Lady Wildcats win the Slug-fest: 19-8. Now the Lady Wildcats wait to do the Traditional Handshake.
Sportmanship and the Traditional Congratulations and Handshake.
The Alice Coyotes Win 3rd Place.
Mathis Tournament Host and Coach Rene Silva presents the 2nd Place Trophy to the Skidmore-Tynan Lady Bobcats.
Mathis Host: Coach Rene Silva presents the Championship Trophy to Melissa, Lizzy and Rachel.
#3 Melissa Angrstein, Catcher All-Tournament.
Coach Rene Silva present the All-Tournament Award to #5 Rachel Garcia, Center Fielder.
#11 Lizzie earns the All-Tournament Award, defense, offense, and good sportmanship.
Coach Rene Silva presents the All Tournament Award to Calallen Freshman Pitcher, #8 Mary Pat Moyer.
One more look at the Lady Tournament Champions -- Congratulation Coach Omar Silva, Coach Thresa Gonzales and the Calallen Fighting Lady Wildcats!
RaeAnn and the Calallen High School Basketball Team!
#3 Melissa and her Mom and Dad. One great Player, All-Tournment Catcher! :-) .
Two Skidmore-Tynan All-Tournament Lady Bobcats and their 2nd Place Team Trophy!



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