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Calallen High School Softball

Calallen Wildcats: 13 Alice Coyotes: 0

03-23-02 Calallen Field.
The Victorious Ones: #8 Mary Pat Moyer, #15 Katie Moyer, #4 Paige Perriraz, #17 "Promoted JV???, #3 Melissa Angerstein.

Cheering for the Lady Wildcats (Front)Kaley Powers, Chris, (Back) James Harvey and Monica Pena, Good looking Jacket!!
It was the 4th Inning and the Lady Wildcats were in the lead, 8-0!!!
The Hot Hitting Wildcats continue the rout: #2 Jenna Koenig smacks out a Single!!
#16 Caroline continues the on slaught of the Lady Coyotes, The Softball was hitting them, going over, and under, and errors were plentiful and frequent!!
Bam! Mary Pat Moyer Belts a Single also!!
Enjoying the leading Wildcats were: Ms Heidi Rivera, Ms.Ruth Rviera and Ms. Linda Thompson-Samford!!!
Coming to bat, #15 Katie Moyer, scoring Jenna hidden behind Moyer, The Score Climbs. 9-0. 10-0, and so on!!
#7 Flys out to Center Field!!
Booster Club members supporting the Mighty and Fighting Lady Wildcats!!
Meanwhile back at the Field, #15 Katie Moyer slams a single for the 7 Singles of 8 Calallen Batters!
The Becker Family: (Back Row) Kellen, Ms. Meg Becker. (Front Row) Friend, Jarrett, Hanna and LCDR Bruce Becker, US Navy , just having a great time at the Game!!
#6 Scores and run down the fence back into the Dug-out!!
#15 Katie Moyer fires, and the Wildcats are up 13-0, and will win in 5 Inning, and her record is 16-4!! Calallen Record 16-6-1, District 2-2!!
Supporting the Wildcats!
Hey! There is Lucy Garcia, yesteryear Softball Team Player, and James Harvey!
They love the Game: Kaley, Chris, Kelby, and Monica!!
The Webmaster and Kelby, Kicking Star of Football/Soccer!!
The Post Debrief by Coach Silva and Coach Gonzalez.
Same Picture with out Camera Flash!! Looks better!
Caroline Dietze and Friends, I believe the Lady Wildcat at center is a Member of the Junior Varsity Team!!
The De-briefing is over, the Girls break the Huddle!!
Coach Silva and Coach Gonzalez No Flash!
With Camera Flash, the Picture much better!!
The Winners, Smiles of the Week, in the Lady Wildcats Softball Team.


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