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Calallen Wildcats: Win 31-4A District Golf Championship

04/1 &2/02, River Hills Country Club!
The nice pond had some ducks and one of them laid the Egg!
Coach Walter Presley and the Wildcats take 1st Place! 3 of 4 years, Congratulations.
The Tuloso-Midway Cherokees captured 1st Place for the 4th year in a row: Congratulations!

An Alice Coyote fights the Sand Trap!
David Wayne Moyer putts on the 9th Hole!
David drives the ball down Range.
A really good swing!
The Wildcats are really driving the ball, pretty good!
The ball is heading toward the hole!
Good swift drive!
Coach Presley waits for Brittney to add up her score.
A super great drive down range!
Stan has just putted the ball into the hole!
Good drive by Stan!
Faron Johnson smacks it down range!
Shelley Hirschfield, a freshman, doing fairly well, Her big brother went to State in Golf and Baseball a couple of years ago.
Meet Breann, nice drive!
Getting the ball out, after putting it in!
This was a good drive, and the Wildcats are looking good.
Here come Jacob Jones. Alway a tough player!
Jacob Jones is on the Golf Team, he was also on the Soccer Team.
A good drive, Jacob drills the ball pretty good!
Is this Mark? good putt!
Good looking Form!
Looking good on the drive.
A lefty drive!
And this Cart went by, and their little daughter was hanging on and enjoying the River Hills Country Club!
David Wayne Moyer, Jr, center, and the Wildcats finished in the First Place Position - Day one. David, Sr, and His Mom!
Coach Presley Posts, The Crowd waits.

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